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Who we are


ZAFER, has been established in 1996 as a family company, is one of industry-leading company with more than fourty years know kow. The mission of ZAFER is 100% customer satisfaction with our essential quality standards and customer-focus manufacture skills and processes.

Based on proven high quality and all gained experience since establisment, ZAFER has become a leading manufacturer for Kinetic System Shotgun and Gas Operated System Shotgun, Pump Action Shotgun, Over &Under Shotgun and Single Barrel Shotgun. By the booming success of our company and the continuous skills of self-development, ZAFER is giving high quality service based on market needs.

All our products are being produced based on standards of CIP, SAAMI,TSE our uncompromising quality policy and technological machining line and fourty years of know how. As of today, by the booming success of our sales strategy we export our products to 46 different countries of the world.